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Seeking Employment In A Foreign Country – Learn Local Language

The possibility of landing a job in a foreign country is most exciting. However, the first step is to seek out jobs that match your skills. And that’s when you begin to discover that seeking employment in a foreign country and learning the local language are inseparable. The reasons, you would ask. Read on to find them and also know how you can get yourself to learn a local language.

The why’s

A permanent move – When you’re looking to gain long-term employment in a country different from yours, you’re actually looking to move with bag and baggage. Moreover, if you’re doing that, it’s necessary that you blend in with the place you’re moving to. A big part of that is about learning the language particular to that place.

English is not the MOST popular language –This could cause you a lot of chagrin but this is a fact. Not everywhere you’ll go, will you find the comfort of finding a language as familiar as English. In fact, even statistics reveal Spanish and Chinese are spoken more throughout the world than English is. So, when you find your knowledge of the English language is not enough for you to seek employment in a foreign country, what do you do? Grit your teeth and set about to learn the local language.

There’s nothing like self-dependence – This holds true even when it comes to learning a language. Initially, you may not be motivated enough to do so thinking you’ll meet enough people who not only speak the local language but also English.

Alternatively, you may believe you’ll land friends who are native speakers and willing to help you learn. However, the big question is, how do you know things will pan out the way you want them to? The same lack of guarantee that keeps you on tenterhooks can also push you to learn the local language.

The how’s

Pick up a DIY book –There are plenty of books on language out there. Figure out the place you want to seek employment in and learn the local language. Pick up a DIY book because it will let you be your own teacher. You can carry it around with you, whether you’re at work or traveling somewhere. Attend to the basics first before you experiment with greater complexities. However, just a friendly warning here – it’s easy to get stuck at the basics.

This is mainly because it’s a new language and then you have all the assumptions (see above) moving about with you. Let the basics be just that – basics. In fact, look at constructively using them to go deeper into the learning process.

Seek help –To learn the local language while seeking employment in a foreign country, seek help. It’s one of the best approaches because right at the start you’re acknowledging that you even need to learn that language.

Find out if you already know someone who knows that language and if that someone can help you out. Though that’s unlikely, it’s not a possibility you can rule out. The easier thing to do would be to go on to a social media platform and seek out communities interacting in that language. In all probability, you will find someone who’ll be more than eager to help you out. Other great option is to look for a Language Exchange (intercambio) partner, and together assist each other with your language training.

Seeking employment in a foreign country and learning the local language go hand-in-hand. In the process, you’re bound to face a clunky phase. But then all that hard work today might just pay you really well tomorrow.


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