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Test your level of language

While learning a new language is hard to do, it gets even harder if you have to do it on your own. Institutes are able to carry out different quizzes and tests that you can take without having to find them on your own, and which are ultimately very beneficial to your progress .The same cannot be said for learning languages on your own, but there’s no need to fret! There are many different types of language proficiency tests available online that you could skim through, and take at your own leisure. Not only are they very flexible about timings, but are helpful as they provide several links and resources you could go through once the test is finished. An online language proficiency test costs nothing and in often cases, comes with different quizzes and links that could further educate you about your preferred language. These are also available in many languages so you don’t have to worry about your preferred language not being present.

This opportunity to learn new languages is made all that much easier with proficiency tests which are regularly updated in all fields of the language, such as the technicalities in linguistics, grammar, accents and other concepts. Some of the tests provided are dependent on particular class content that the site requires you to go through before sitting the test, but most are free from such traits. One of the most popular language proficiency tests online is the Pearson Language Tests. These are internationally recognized tests taken by students from every level, from primary education to graduate level. The Pearson Tests originate from Pearson PLC Group and are seemingly devoted to the assessment and validation of the usage of English language as well as several others for non-native speakers.

A common online language proficiency test that users could take is the “Bolt” Test. This translates to Bridge Online Language Test, and is quite a fun, easy to use means of testing ones proficiency in English language. It offers a unique way of testing, with 100 questions being asked in under 65 minutes and provides the user with an immediate result and further resources. Next, there is the world-renowned Berlitz institute that allows its registered users to carry out regular online tests In the subjects they want to be proficient in.

This test is quite extensive as well, and offers listening and reading comprehension with grammatical accuracy and a huge breadth of vocabulary. Students must sit a 60 to 90 minute test which will measure the aforementioned factors in their chosen language.

Testing yourself on new languages is made ,uch easier with so much content available online. Users can easily aspire for better with content being available for over 300 languages, a lot of which is verifiable by reliable sources and is content that is used internationally.  It can only be hoped more people are interested in being more cultured and taking up a new language, so these tests can be accessed more easily without any fees.

Another test you can easily take as per learning languages is Tofel, the internationally recognized test for English as a Foreign Language. This is an extensive test that you must take before traveling to a country where the primary language is English. In several countries, Tofel tests are prepared for in institutes that are open for the specific purpose of teaching students English language. It is quite an effective way to learn the language but is only limited to English.


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