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Why you should learn a new language

The world is now known as a global village, and rightly so, given that we live in the age of the internet. Communication with other cultures Is now incredibly easy, thus it isn’t hard to imagine how much learning a new language can affect the way you communicate. There are several reasons why learning a language can benefit you, some of which will be discussed henceforth.

Learning a language has always been associated with the fact that one is more cultured. You will become more aware of people around you and the means in which they communicate. Regional languages are easier to spot and even a foreign language will be easily picked up if you put the effort into it. It would be much easier to familiarize oneself with another culture if you know and can speak their language fluently. For one, there would be lesser barriers to break through and people would be more willing to help you if whatever queries you might have. For another, there will be a sense of familiarization that would go with social connections you make. There would be a general increase in global understanding, which is as good a reason as any to learn a new language.

Apart from this, you are likely to improve your employment potential with the learning of a language. This opens doors for career advancement, especially if you work in a multinational organization that needs to represent itself in front of other nations. It isn’t only the business sector that requires people with multi-linguistic skills, government officials are constantly in need of interpreters for different languages, and the career path is one of the most prestigious.  Moreover, your cognitive and life skills are greatly improved as you build appreciation for another language. It is a known fact that children who have learnt a foreign language at a primary level have less difficulty in other areas of their lives, especially as per social pressures and the need to create an identity.

You will build a better understanding of international literature, music and film if you learn a language, consequently, be more intelligent, cultured and able to carry a conversation in social situations with a more varied crowd. Not only this, you will have better understanding of how cultures differ and appreciate that, rather than be ignorant about it. Traveling becomes more enjoyable if you know what the natives are talking about! It is also much more feasible since you wont get swindled out of good deals or have to pay more for standard things while being ignorant of the cultures of the new country. It is generally a more enjoyable and peaceful experience, with less confusion as per the language barriers, as it gets removed.


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