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How Being Multilingual Can Help In My Career

It is not uncommon for people to wonder about the benefit of being bilingual or even better, a multilingual. However, those who have already picked up multiple languages can vouch for the fact that it does help. Be it connecting with people around the world or even being sensitive to different cultures while doing business. And when it comes to a career, multilingualism can really up the situation for you. Here’s why.

Making an impact
When you’re looking for a job, it all starts with the CV. The more your CV presents you in a skillful light, the better off you are. And in this regard, multilingualism helps in your career. This is mainly because it’s not a skill everyone has. So, the moment you prove you are proficient in a foreign language or even have working knowledge of it, employers pay attention. They instantly know you have something more that others don’t.

Finding more job opportunities
Job opportunities will come your way anyway. But you may ask, how does the situation change if I know multiple languages? The truth is that the way business works is changing dramatically across the world. Organizations are growing more global than ever. Their constant aim now is to extend business to countries they have previously not operated in. So, if you are able to convince your employer that you have the necessary skills to interact with clients in those regions, the former will automatically understand your worth. More importantly, you will probably get to travel the world – something you’ve always wanted to do!

Getting paid better
Good pay seals the deal for most people still trying to decide on a career. Better pay is an important benefit of being multilingual. Many recruitment agencies have pointed out that multilingual candidates have the potential to earn up to 20% higher than their counterparts. And that’s not all. Your multilingual ability may convince your employer to entrust you with vital responsibilities beyond your field of work.

Realizing your potential…
Being Multilingual can make people realize your potential, without moving a finger. This holds especially true for people who want to make an office within their homes. While this is an advantage in many ways, it poses various challenges as well. And considering 75% of the world does not speak the English language, it can pose major stumbling blocks for freelancers and independent professionals. In such cases, there’s a huge benefit in being multilingual. You can sit within the familiar confines of your home and yet have regular professional interactions with clients. Despite having a small home office, you can spread the word about your business to several other countries, while speaking their language.

Landing language-oriented jobs
There are jobs that require you to have a working knowledge of a foreign language. And there are others where you have to be really proficient at multiple languages to get by and make good. The latter involve interpreting and translating jobs. If you are interested in learning new languages, multilingualism could actually help your career. Traditionally, these jobs allow candidates to travel the world and work for corporate as well as public bodies. However, you could also hunt for a job that comes with the usual specifications minus the travel. In recent times, telephone interpretation has become a viable option. You could even look up language-specific websites looking for translators and interpreters.

To cut the long story short, being bilingual or even better, multilingual can help your career in a big way. Be it in terms of getting you a fatter salary, getting you noticed or even letting you travel the length and breadth of the world. Take this into account, the next time you consider learning a new language.


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  1. “you cannot be serious” about discussing this question? With any skills and assets it can only be an advantage to have more. So how anyone could possibly question multilingual skill to be advantage is beyond me. In this case I encourage everyone to learn languages. It wouldn’ t do any harm to English if they were to learn another language. English speaking people must be within the people of the least lingual on this planet. Enough of this Allez vous apprendre une autre langue!


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