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Why Should You Learn Chinese?

One of the fastest-growing economies with a rich cultural backdrop – that’s China for you. And if you are keen to know more about the nation, its people and its culture, learn Chinese. Yes, there will be challenges along the way. Like a lot of people point out that Chinese (Mandarin) is a tough language to learn and rightfully so. But then there are so many reasons for you to take up the challenge. Here are just a few.

What is ‘Chinese’?
The Chinese Language is a language family spoken by over one billion people, one-fifth of the world’s population. There are between 7 – 13 main regional groups of Chinese Languages, of which the Mandarin is by far the most spoken one, with 850 million people. After Mandarin comes Wu and Cantonese (Yue), with 70 million each.

In this article, whenever we say ‘Chinese‘, we refer to Mandarin.

It’s a major language
Just when you were happy to believe English is the most widely spoken language in the world, comes this. Chinese is actually more widely spoken than English is. In fact, one-fourth of the entire world’s population is said to speak the language. So, it’s not true that you would likely need to speak the language only if you went to China. You will find Chinese-speaking people in many other places across Southeast Asia, North America, and even Europe. And considering there are Chinatowns across the world, learning Chinese could help you during travel adventures.

It gives an extra edge
Learn Chinese because it brings an added edge to your CV. China figures as an important part of the world map, politically as well as economically. It is one of the fastest growing economies and many companies around the world want to do business with it. So, you’re approached by a company that is already doing business with China or keen to do so. If you know the language well or even have working knowledge, you’re in a good place. And by hiring you, the company will be in a more strategic position as well.

It gives your career flexibility
You could be someone who doesn’t want to be tied down to a single career stream. Along the way, you may just want to change your course of work. Learning Chinese will help you get to a position where you will be able to choose from multiple job options. If you’re really serious about learning the language, you could opt for a high-profile language specific job. Under such circumstances, you could become an interpreter or translator. Alternatively, you could even become a part of the travel industry. And if that doesn’t interest you, you could even give a shot at working for the manufacturing industry.

It’s an enriching experience

If a professional reason doesn’t answer your ‘Why learn Chinese’ question, go a little beyond. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. By learning the Chinese language, you can expose yourself to much of the nation’s social, economic and political history. Proficiency in the language would also give you the ability to read through Chinese texts and talk to locals if you ever make a trip to China.

It’s not that difficult

This might come as a surprise, but Chinese isn’t really as difficult as it seems. And if you’re puzzled, here’s why. The language doesn’t abide by tenses. As someone speaking or writing in Chinese, you won’t even have to use plurals. Neither are there conjugations nor verb-subject issues. And simple sentences make it easy to practice.

No matter what the difficulties, Chinese is a fascinating language to learn. One that not only opens up career opportunities but also provides an enriching experience. Go right ahead and learn Chinese. And take our word, it’s worth it!


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