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Using Google Translate to enhance your language learning experience

Is there a way to use Google Translate to enhance your language learning experience?

There are various ways to learn a new language by yourself, and using Google Translate is just one of the most useful ones. This online language translator follows very simple translation rules. As soon as you type in a word or phrase in the source language, the translation tool displays the conversion in the target language. If you’re among those who plan to learn a new language but haven’t yet joined a class, you should consider using this translation platform from Google to maximize your grip on the new language.

Benefits of Using Google Language Conversion Software

Of the several great automatic language translation software available online, the one offered by Google might be the best. This software supports 64 world languages and provides instant translation between these. Some of these are Afrikaans, Arabic, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Finnish, Icelandic, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Malay, German, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu and Vietnamese. You can also find Yiddish, Welsh, Ukrainian, Lao, Belarusian, Azerbaijani, Thai, Turkish, Haitian Creole, Romanian, Serbian, Swahili, and others. Google translate services not just help learners learn a few stray words and sentences, but also translate entire websites and documents from one language to another.  However, the best feature of this online software has to be the option of phonetic translation. This means that while learning a new language, the learner not only reads up the result in the target language but also listens to how it’s spoken. Language pronunciation is an important part of speaking; and listening skills and integrated phonetic keyboard make sure that listeners have the words separated into sounds.

There are different parts of the translator. The translated search is a useful part which helps both learners and trainers look up search results in their own language. For example, if it becomes challenging to explain English preposition to a class of Italian students, they can use this tool to search for the concept through web pages that explain prepositions in Italian. This way a learner could be prepared for the same grammatical aspect in another language.

The Google Translator Toolkit and Its Uses

This translation tool from Google is advanced software which allows users to upload files in any language and have them translated in the new language of their choice. This toolkit also uses advanced algorithms based on natural human language use and gives results which are far superior to lesser auto language translator software systems.

Whether it’s a word for word translation that you’re looking for or a more contextual, natural language conversion, Google language translation software can guide new language learners in incorporating a foreign language to a great extent.

Do you agree? Is Google Translate such a great tool? Do you know of other tools, perhaps even better ones?


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