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Online resources to learn a new language

Are you searching for easily accessible and free ways to learn a new language? Checking online is the best way to go:

With the advent of the internet, it is now incredibly easy to learn new skills online. Speaking in the context of learning languages, it is quite easy to go through different resources available at the click of a button and unlock a plethora of information about the language you may want to study. The good thing about online learning is the flexibility of time; you could just as easily pick up where you left off. You also feel more motivated if you have an online community with whom you can share your queries or communication enquiries. You could easily learn or ask people to teach you about accents and the structure of sounds in new languages. It is a known fact that a new task will seem a lot less harrowing if you have peers to talk to or communicate back and forth with. Below, we explore some of the most reliable online resources to learning new languages.

BBC Languages – BBC languages are one of the most extensive and easy to access and understand archives in learning new languages. It has the beginner; intermediate and expert level languages stored on this archive and are quite accessible and easily understood. There are interactive levels as well, and queries are met with quickly and diligently. Furthermore, since the BBC has a whole image in itself, they can be counted upon for reliability in terms of the information being imparted. You can choose from 33 languages, out of which the most accessed are French, Chinese, German, Arabic, Greek, Portuguese and so on. The BBC language page also has a news section that keeps users aware of what’s happening around the world in terms of progress in languages, which is great to keep in practice.
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E-Languages School – This is a website that has a huge collection of information about languages from around the world. It has audio and visual aids to help one in understanding and learning extensively whichever language they’re planning to learn. There are a variety of resources that are linked with the language lessons as well, that are likely to help you go on further in the exploration of the new language. There are ten languages you can learn at the site, with links to many more to make your browsing experience easier.
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Internet Polyglot – This has to be the finest collection of online resources in learning languages. The website offers free courses of particular durations to suit your needs, in up to 300 languages. Lessons available online are free and easily accessible, with audio and visual sources included. If users subscribe to their website, they are provided with daily flashcards in their inbox to learn a few new words every day, with detailed information about the accent in which it is said, the structure of the word, the grammar in its sentence usage and so on.
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LiveMocha – This is the biggest online community for those interested in learning new languages. It offers free courses and other resources to learn 35 languages, and provides registered users with a lot of detailed audio and visual sources and flashcards to go with the courses. It also has a forum that is an online community through which users can interact with one another and share their progress. It is known to be the most helpful in resolving queries one might have over a new language, thus is preferred by a lot of people.
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Duolingo – This is a fairly new service that is slowly and steadily being circulated through several different platforms. The user is able to register through their Facebook or email, and access the 6 languages the site offers. A unique factor that sets apart this new service is its iPhone app, that makes it compatible to be used on the go. The learning procedure itself is a long of fun, with the user earning “hearts” at passing tests and losing them at any points lost. The use of gamification is very nicely integrated and the languages can be learned quite easily with the use of such addictive tactics.
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Each of these services have something unique to offer, and while some have a large collection of resources attached to them, some are developed with the exclusive goal of completely teaching a small number of languages. Either way, the these links are rated among the best in providing users with relevant information at easy accessibility.


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