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Where to Practice Your New Language when Your Home is Monolingual

When you are learning a new language, you need to be able to practice, but if you live in a monolingual home, you might have difficulty finding a person who can practice your new language with you. Luckily, there are usually untapped resources in many communities where you can easily find someone who will help you practice.Tasty Food and Good Conversation

Many non-native English speakers relish in being able to speak their own language to help someone who is eager to learn. One of the best ways (and most fun) is by visiting local ethnic restaurants where you can practice by speaking with the owners and employees. Local restaurant owners always appreciate business and you could quickly become a regular customer who not only gets to eat delicious food from your local Thai, Ethiopian, Lebanese, Chinese, or Mexican restaurant, but also gets to learn about a new culture and practice with your new language. You could also find out about cultural events happening in your town through the restaurant staff.

Check Out Your Library

Another good place to hunt for people who are eager to speak your second or third language is through your public library. Many community members use their public libraries as a place to share their skills and tutor people who are looking for extra help. Libraries will often have message boards so that people can connect with each other and many libraries have tutoring rooms so that patrons are not interrupted by the tutoring sessions in languages like Spanish or Arabic. You can help yourself by talking to a library employee to learn about all of the services offered at the library, like a community book group for a book in a foreign language; you just never know until you ask.

Learning at Your Local College

Local colleges can be another good source for finding people to talk to in the language you are learning. The place to turn is the foreign language department. Most colleges have administrative assistant in each department, so you should not have much difficulty finding someone to help you practice your new language.

Church Communities

When immigrants move into communities, churches are often the first to help them get settled into their new homes. Church communities often have connections to people who speak many different languages. Those same churches often sponsor social events for new members in the church and community; these events are very good places to practice a second language.

We Can Help

If you cannot find someone locally to practice a second language with, you can always turn to We have a Language Exchange program where you can meet people who speak the same language as you do. You could converse with them over programs like Skype, no matter where in the world you both live.

New Opportunities and Social Networking

No matter where you turn, your social networking circle will grow, so you will not only be able to practice your second language with even more people. You will also make new friends and learn about a new culture, which only makes learning your new language even easier.


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