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What is the Best Second Language to Learn in a Global Economy?

What is better for Americans, to learn Mandarin, Arabic or Spanish as their choice of a second language?

Thanks to the Internet and various other factors, the world is connected better today than it ever was in the past. And as business begins expanding on a more global scale, many people are wondering what second language would be the most useful to learn. If there had to be a “global language” named today, it would most likely be English. English is the unofficial second language of most countries around the world, and can be used to help a Serbian and a Swede or an Italian and a Brazilian communicate effectively. Assuming you already know English, your choice of second language is a bit more difficult.

As it stands, being a bilingual speaker of any two languages will make you a valuable asset to most companies. Mandarin is a smart choice, but the complexity of the language prohibits it from becoming a global language in the same way that English is today. However, China has one of the strongest economies in the world and does business with a plethora of countries all around the world, so learning the language could prove useful. The fact that Mandarin is such a complex language turns many people away from it, so being fluent in both English and Mandarin definitely makes you competitive in the corporate world.

If you do most of your business in the States,  fluency in Spanish might be the best second language for you to learn. The Latino population is growing at a rapid pace in America, and Spanish has undoubtedly become the second language of the country. Anyone in the healthcare field would certainly benefit from learning Spanish, and there are a plethora of other career fields that could use bilingual English/Spanish speakers as well. If you are in the military currently, or you want to go into the military in the future, then an understanding of Arabic could take you quite far.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices when it comes to selecting the best second language you should learn. In the end, it is best to pick your second language based on the type of work that you are in or would like to pursue. Or you can simply pick a language that interests you and then use that to help make a determination on where your go in your future career. As mentioned before, knowing any second language makes you competitive, but never underestimate how far a strong grasp on the English language can take you as well.


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  1. I already know Spanish which made taking up Portuguese easy The grammars and vocabulary are quite similar,. I only earn the differences. The worst thing you can do though is think they are similar in all aspects.


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