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Can you live without books?

“I cannot live without books”
(Thomas Jefferson)

Books are important, since they demonstrate ones opportunity for education, as we can learn from the personal story of Jefferson, a famous ‘book lover’ that spend his entire life collecting books for his library. Let’s expand the definition of books to any form of written words (such as books, magazines, internet, newspapers, etc.), would you be able to live your life without words? How important is reading for you? Can you do without books?

Imagine your life without reading, without books, newspapers, magazines or even reading a story online, how would they be? Can you do it at all, or, is it impossible for you to imagine that?


27 thoughts on “Can you live without books?

  1. i don’t think i can. Books for me are very vital. They give meaning to my life. I feel that my life is renowned whenever i read a new book. I can say that e-books didn’t give me the same joy and excitement as the printed books .I feel they have a body and soul like humans .I love books and reading .I wish that this new generation would return to reading if they want to broaden their knowledge .I read somewhere that a library is a hospital to the mind ;so books are medicines..


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