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Facebook language exchange

Join us in our Facebook top language exchange group:

Improve your Language skills and make new friends…
In practice group, we share a vision of a world where people understand one another. A world where languages are no longer a barrier, but a bridge. A world where humanity speaks in many tongues, but shares one heart. We strongly believe in the value of language education. We do it by using the power of a community. Together we are practicing our English, sharing moments of our lives, asking questions and helping other members.
With more than 2500 members and more that join everyday, this is absolutely one of the top Facebook language exchange groups. If you are searching for a place to improve your language skills, this might be a group for you! Join it today, be active and improve your language skills on a daily basis.
Group rules:
This group has no formal leaders, only members, so join a conversation, ask questions and add answers.  Make this group a fun, lively and helpful place and improve your English while you do so. This is a multicultural group, so no politics or forcing your beliefs on others is allowed.  You are advised to listen before you speak, and be patient and to avoid from anger and ill manners. Please respect other members of the group and avoid from posting materials that could hurt other people feelings. Be kind, be patient and be helpful.
Have fun!

Join Facebook language exchange.



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