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What will be the language of the future?

English, Arabic, French, Chinese or perhaps Esperanto, what will be the language of the future?

English, as we all know, is the leading international language. Everywhere you go, language schools are offering English classes, English language courses and English summer schools. All is about English. However, what will be the situation in the future? Will English remain the only global language, or perhaps other languages will take its place, such as Chinese, Esperanto, Arabic, Spanish, etc.

While we consider various languages for the title of “the  language of the world”, constructed language, a new kind of language, might take the lead. The famous of them all is Esperantothe most widely spoken constructed international language. Esperanto was announced in 1887 by Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof, in an attempt to create an easy-to-learn and politically neutral language. He believed that such a language, might help in transcending nationality and would foster peace and international understanding between people with different regional and/or national languages.

A very high goal indeed. Well, it didn’t happen, yet…

According to Wikipedia, the number of Esperanto speakers range anywhere from 10,000 to 2,000,000 active or fluent speakers. The number is much smaller when it comes to native speakers, that is, people who learned Esperanto from birth as one of their native languages, and it is a thousand or a bit more. As we can see, there is still a long way for global constructed language.

Coming back to our main question: with the story of Esperanto in mind, what do you think, what will be the language of the future? Is it French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Esperanto or perhaps English?



23 thoughts on “What will be the language of the future?

  1. Of course, English will not remain the only globally spread language. There will be Chinese, Arabic and Spanish competing with English, but this will take somehow long time.


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