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What is the language of truth?

What is the language of truth? Is there a language, where all words are truthful and it is impossible to use lies?

Some people think that there is no truth in language and it words have more than one meaning, so the a ‘truthful language’ couldn’t exist al all. They believe that truth, if there is such a thing,  can be found only in actions (if can be found at all). Others say that body language is the only truthful language, hence, all over the world the police is using a lie detector, based on known physiological reactions when telling a lie.

Going back to words, some people strongly support a religious answer, where the holy books are truthful, so whatever is written there must be a truthful language. nevertheless, since not all religions rely on the same book, we can’t agree on which book is the one that is written in the language of truth…

What do you think? Could a truthful language exist al all? Can we trust words to always be accurate? Read below to see what other people have said on the subject and name your own answer.


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  1. Interesting, do you think that only Arabic is truthful while the rest of the languages in the world are not the same? What about being untruthful, is it impossible to be untruthful while speaking Arabic?


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