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Can you learn a foreign language in 30 days?

Can you learn a foreign language in 30 days? Can you get the basics of English, French, Arabic, Chinese or any other new language you choose to study in just a few weeks of hard work?

It sounds impossible, but some people strongly believe that setting-up a foundation for of a new language, you need no more than a few weeks. However, the majority of people still believe that language education must be consisted on a slow process of study, practice, study again and practice, etc.

Like many other things, there is no one answer. While some people can get the basic idea of a new language in a short while, others find it a hard and long process to adjust for the new form of communication. They just need more time, a lot more …

What do you think, what is your own experience? Is learning a foreign language a quick task, or it requires a lot of ones time and effort? Can you really learn a foreign language in 30 days or under?

So many great answers below. What do you think, is it possible to learn a second language, let’s say English, Arabic, Chinese or any other new language, in thirty days or under?


18 thoughts on “Can you learn a foreign language in 30 days?

  1. i think if a personne try the best, they can learn a foreign language in 30 days. but they can’t speak well.
    when i was in 10 grade. my class studied french in 3 months 4 books which other school study in 4 years.
    i know we can’t be good at french like other students but we have basic on french.
    now i study english but i can’t speak well, i think i should try my best more and more.

  2. first ,i want thank who think about this article ,
    for me i always believe that no there impossible in our life , i think that easy way of learning any language ,it’s the communication .
    for me i stay just two months to learn french language .

  3. Well, you can learn basics of any language in 30 days, but you surely can’t gain a vocabulary, which is needed for communication. But it depends on the person who tries to learn it (and their abilities, of course) 🙂
    I’d try it if I weren’t so busy doing homeworks and studying for school 🙁

  4. I learn English very bad but I think you can’t learn la language in 30 days because when we study that you can remember all lesson you have learnt and many many new words.

  5. i have seen movie ” english vinglish ‘ . Film about an Indian women learn English in 4 weeks . It’s Wonderful ! i wish i’ll can speak English …….

  6. i think that we can not learn a new language in 30 days .because no one can gain vocabulary in 30 day it is impossible but it depends for the will of the person


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