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Why do you want to study a foreign language?

Are you interested in learning a new language? For what? Why do you want to study a foreign language?

There are so many possible reasons. Some choose to study a foreign language because it is interesting, they enjoy talking to new people and they wish to know the world better. Others look for a way to improve their lives with better jobs, increased salary and global employment opportunities. Sometimes, people choose to do so because learning a foreign language is considered to be a good idea, or it just gives them something to do…

We all agree that learning a new language is a great experience, but it is also a very demanding one. It requires you to invest hours of your time, every week and change basic elements of your daily routine (such as finding people you could practice you language with). Even more, in order to succeed with your language education, you must invest months and keep on working hard on your new language skills. It is just not that easy…

So why DO YOU want to study a foreign language? What made you decide to learn English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi or any other language you are currently studying? What drives you in this hard but rewarding task?


11 thoughts on “Why do you want to study a foreign language?

  1. because my previous job was Cabin Crew and in this job we meet a lot of people from deferent countries , and they talk deferent languages, that’s why i want to study foreing languages.

  2. This question is a critical one for anyone who is serious about learning a language. The more closely linked are the reasons to your highest values, the more you will do to ensure that the job gets done.


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