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What is your favorite color?

Do you have a favorite color?

What is your favorite color and why. How do you say it in your own language?

Is green your favorite color, red, blue or perhaps yellow is the color that you find the closest to your heart. Many people have a favorite color, are you one of them? It may be that your day is gray, but still, there is a color dancing somewhere within your heart. Let is shine and share the light with the world. Paint our day in purple, red, blue, green, pink, orange or even in stripes and dots, just make it full of colors.

If you prefer, you may write down your favorite color in your own language and also in English letters. However, don’t forget to translate it to English…

Let’s try to find colors that with names that are almost similar in different languages.

Blue … Green … Red … Yellow … Pink … Purple … Orange … Brown … Gold … Silver … Black … Gray … White (is it a true color?) … Indigo … Khaki … Beige … Ivory … Navy Blue … Olive … Lime … Tan … Salmon … Maroon … Fuchsia … Lavender, etc.



78 thoughts on “What is your favorite color?

  1. Jambo? Ninapenda rangi ya Njano na kijani,kwani timu ninayoiunga mkono hapa Tanzania ni YANGA na inatumia rangi hizo./HI, I LIKE YELLOW AND GREEN COLORS BECAUSE THE TEAM I SUPPORT HERE IN TANZANIA IS YANGA SC AND THEY USED THAT COLORS.


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