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Is English an easy language to learn?

Is English one of the easiest languages to learn, or perhaps is a difficult one. Could you master it in a period of three months? A year? More than a year?

Some people believe that it all depends on the person on how difficult a language is. They say that all languages have their easy points and hard points for some people, so while you could find English to be “Easy”, others find it a difficult language to study.
What do you think, is English an absolutely Easy / Hard language to study, or it all depends on your native language? Do you believe that speakers of non-English languages, such as Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Hindi or Japanese find the English language equally easy or equally hard?

What do you think, is English an easy language to learn?


32 thoughts on “Is English an easy language to learn?

  1. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard for learning. for example, when i try to speak any language i dont do it truely. but both grammar and knowledge of word are is the easiest thing for me. so this isn’t same for everone.

  2. Nothing come free,, so if u want to be succesful in anything u should work hard,, languages need practice everyday,, read, listen, think in english(for example)and speak as much as u can,, so that can be helpful to learn any language in the world. But if we are going to tolk abt english,, it’s easy to learn as a forgien language but as I said it need lot of hardwork


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