Google Online Translator

Google Translate

With the constant development of technology and the ever growing boundaries of the internet, everything is made a little easier. Translation of language is no exception. Google Translate or the Google Online Translator is a multilingual free translation online tool for the translation of written text from a language into another.

Educational Scholarships:

Education Scholarships

Educational Scholarships A person is defined by three very important things – his character, attitude and education. None of those without the other can possibly be of any use. Unfortunately, as the scope of learning increased the cost to learn increased along with it. Education these days comes at price much

The history of English

History of English

English Language Every language has a deep and fascinating history. The development of any language into its various dialects and sub scripts is a historian’s dream study. One among such a language is the most widely spoken language if modern times, English. Originally a West Germanic language, English saw its birth

When Language Programs are Right for You

Language programs

If you are looking to learn a foreign language and you need to find a perfect language program, you have many things to consider. Since many people do not have the opportunity to travel to foreign countries for language immersion, they need to find programs that will work for them.

The Negative Power of Verbal Bullying

verbal bullying

Language can be a beautiful tool for communication. It can share thoughts, ideas, messages of hope, and feelings of love. As with most aspects of life, however, the use of language can be extremely harmful as well. Language can share pain, tragedy, and messages of ill-will. For an example of